About Us

Why Choose Us

We are a software development company which offers:

Consulting Services
Working with InstanTech Elite means support at every stage of the software development lifecycle. Our experienced consultants will back you up with analysis, benchmarks, and tech recommendations from day one up to a successful launch of your app.
We give our clients the best and value;
1. Communication
We believe that openness and transparency should be the building blocks of every IT project we run. We foster a culture based on trust and mutual communication, where no issue is hidden under a carpet, but rather jointly discussed.
2. Agility
InstanTech Elite are the ones who adapt to your business needs, not the other way around. From the very first day, we’re flexible and adjust to changing requirements. We work incrementally, in Agile and Scrum methodologies, to deliver on time and within the budget.
3. Best-in-class tech stack
We don’t use languages or frameworks that might get old and one day stay in the way of your business growth. Instead, you’ll have a solution allowing you to manage and develop it smoothly and cost-effectively over time.